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In order to maintain the appearance of your garment and gloves, offer free technical advise which will keep your treasured garment and gloves looking like new for a very long time.

They say a good thing should last forever - well there's nothing like proper leather care to ensure the longevity and beauty of your favorite leathers. Our knowledgeable staff has compiled the following recommendations to assist you in caring for fine leather.

General Maintenance

Leather, suede, nubuc and shearling are porous skins and do absorb and retain dirt if unprotected. We suggest that you purchase and apply Tana Style 16 Protection before the first wearing, and periodically (every 5-6 weeks) with regular wearing, and after exposure to rain or snow. Wearing a scarf will protect the collar area from perspiration and natural body oils. protect1.jpg (3253 bytes)


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Preserve the shape of your garment by using padded or wooden hangers. Never cover your garment in plastic - leather needs air to prevent drying out. Cover with a clean cloth sheet for seasonal storage. To avoid fading, keep your garment out of any direct lighting or sunlight.

Care when wet

Hang the garment on a well-padded hanger, blot dry and then allow to finish drying at room temperature (do not use a heat source). Suede, once dry, should be brushed with a Tana Style 16 Bloc, Cleaning Chiffon, Renovating Brush or terry cloth to raise the pile.

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Dry Cleaning

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Should be done only when absolutely necessary and only by a leather specialist. Clean all matching pieces together to ensure those tones continue to match. Reapply Tana Style 16 Protection before wearing.

Cleaning Instructions

Suede: use Tana Style 16 Renovating Brush or a rough terry cloth often to keep dust and dirt from penetrating the nap. Use Tana Style 16 Renovating Brush or Cleaning Chiffon to remove small spots. Reapply protective spray after cleaning.

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clean2.jpg (3604 bytes) Pigmented Leather (finished surface): may be cleaned at home with a damp cloth and very mild detergent. Wipe gently and blot dry. Tana Style 16 Cleansing Lotion can also be used. Always test any cleaning solution on inside areas for color fastness. Reapply protective spray.

Aniline Leather (little or no finish on surface): do not use water. Rain spots can be removed by lightly rubbing the area with another part of the garment. Stains are best left to professional leather cleaner.

Nubuc Leather: use Tana Style 16 Renovating Brush or Tana Style Nubuc Bloc to keep dust and dirt from penetrating the nap. Reapply protective spray after cleaning.

Shearing: suede skins should be treated as suede (see above) . It is preferable that Shearing be cleaned by a fur-cleaning specialist. Napa leatherized skins are very often finished in a distressed style and can be treated as a pigmented leather. Napa Shearing cannot be dry cleaned.

As with the care of garment leathers, preventive maintenance is the best care tip we can offer. Always take the time to spray your new bag and gloves with a quality protector. We recommend Tana All Protector, before use, then again regularly, depending on weather conditions and amount of use. polish.jpg (3841 bytes)

Salt stains on gloves are the most common complaint. When salt stains do set in, try wiping the leather with diluted vinegar, then apply a polish and don't forget to spray it again!

For suede leather-goods and accessories, we suggest a regular brushing with a stiff brush (never use steel bristles) and, if the item is looking shabby, try steaming them over a kettle. Oh yes, don't forget to spray.

Smooth leather-goods are generally much easier to care for - just wipe with a damp cloth and Ivory soap (diluted Mr. Clean for really grimy stains on finished leathers). Some leather-goods items made from light finished Colombian leathers can only be cleaned with a special natural conditioner that contains no wax or silicone, we recommend Leather Caress.

Naked or unfinished leathers should be sprayed to keep dirt from grinding into the leather. Whatever you try, test it on an inconspicuous area first. You should always protect these leathers, as there is no guaranteed safe way to clean them without discoloring.

Some other helpful tips; run a bar of soap along the stiff zipper of your jacket or gloves to make it glide easier; for a quick polish to your jacket and gloves just spray a little Pledge on cloth (never use on dull, unfinished leathers).

Preventive Maintenance

sun.jpg (3945 bytes) Placing your leather stuff next to strong heat sources such as fireplaces or in direct sunlight can dry out the natural oils in the leather and cause cracking and stiffening. The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight will eventually fade all natural products, and leather is no exception.

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