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Every facet of a Global™ product, from inception to warehouse, focuses on an ideal. Quality.

Reliability, durability, longevity, breathability, and comfort in materials. Functionality and excellence in construction. Unparalleled freedom and flexibility of movement. Responsiveness to the niche-specific needs of Moto-bikers. Never-ending attention to detail. These are design priorities that we believe build relationships -- and superior Jackets!

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Jacket Only (Ref# CJ-01)

Suit (Ref# CS-01)

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A Better Solution

We build our Motorcycle Suits for the greatest comfort. Our designs are to be worn by the active motor-cyclists around the World.  Comfort.....

Proper Chest Panels
Our Jacket's designs are cut to provide the wearer with unimpeded range of motion and comfort.  Freedom...

Unparalleled Sewing
We use only the finest, strongest bonded nylon thread. All seams on are double or triple lock-stitched, then buried inside the shell. There are no rough edges to irritate your skin, and the seamwork is hidden from the sun's deteriorating rays. Each Jacket is inspected many times as it works its way through the sewing room. Our production team has several lifetimes of experience. Excellence...

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Jacket Only (Ref# CJ-02)

Suit (Ref# CS-02)

The Global™ Curdora Shell
<available both in Nylon/ or Polyester>

We have always used 500-denier Corduraź  (sometime 600-D) in all of our Jackets/ Pants. Its resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet rays make it an obviously superior material. Corduraź actually protects the chemical integrity of our body-conforming foam, so you can count on a far longer life span for your Jackets/ Pants. Universal™ was responsible for U.L. Listing of Corduraź for use in USCG-Approved life jackets. Durability... final8.JPG (8886 bytes)


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(Ref# CJ-03)

       Solo Jacket CURDORA...     

Soft Against Your Body

We use a 200-denier Oxford nylon for the liner in our Jackets. A Universal™ Jacket is soft where it counts -- against the skin. Cush...

Universal™ Zipper Thinking

Zippers create points of stress that eventually wear other Jackets to the tearing point. Universal™ zipper systems are separated from the front panels, allowing for a flush, no-gap union between the foam. This greatly reduces wear on the Jacket, and increases the mobility and comfort of the wearer. We use the finest zippers available which has ultra-strong teeth, which do not separate under stress. Reliability.....

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  Inner of Curdora Jackets (optional)

Acetyl Buckles and Hardware

With the exception of the lash tab, all of our plastic hardware is acetyl. This has proven to be the best choice when it comes to durability in sun. Longevity...

Detachable "Inner" shell

Last year we added the Detached™  system on several of our models. We were encouraged by the results. For 1998 we have incorporated the Detached™ most of our production without asking extra charges. Adjustability...


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  Inner Shells with all Curdora Suits

Foam Shoulder/ Elbow/  Back

Eight millimeters of the finest foam rubber  is used in the shoulder, elbows, back (for Jackets), and thighs and knees (for Pants). Foam construction makes the components flexible and comfortable, allowing the incorporation of our shoulder adjustment system. Attention to detail...

Better Pockets

Our Corduraź pockets allow you to carry essentials (and useless items) on your person. Sewn-in top flaps give added security. The pocket flaps cinch down with durable push buttons. We may add an external D-ring to our pockets on request Functionality...  

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(Ref# CJ-04)


The TAFFETAź Jackets

The TAFFETA (100% Nylon) we use in our Jackets is incredibly soft and flexible. Shell is reinforced and backed by inner warm polyester lining. The neck and front flap is further made durable by backing a soft fabric. The zippers are of extraordinary quality. Pockets are quite proper at size and cover by flaps. There is waist band in order to secure fully against cold wind. Flexibility...



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